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Fra Waylon Jennings LP Honky Tonk Heroes

De beste bøkene om Outlaw country

Musikkbibliotekar Olav Nilsen gir deg en introduksjon.

Bli bedre kjent med artistene og skaff deg kunnskap om outlaw country. På Biblå kan vi friste deg med mange bøker. Jeg har valgt ut de bøkene som har gjort inntrykk på meg og har blitt favorittbøker.

Outlaw: Waylon, Willie, Kris, and the Renegades of Nashville av Michael Streissguth
"In this compulsively readable book, music historian Streissguth describes the contrast between the staid Nashville music scene of the late '60s and early '70s, and the dynamic new music filtering into the city from Los Angeles (Emmylou Harris), Texas (Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings), and South Carolina (Marshall Chapman)."--Publishers Weekly

Mens du leser videre kan du lytte til musikken. Her er sanger som du kan ha som et lydspor når du mentalt reiser tilbake til 70-tallets Austin,Texas og Armadillo World Headquarter.

Waylon an autobiography av Waylon Jennings bokforside

Waylon: An Autobiography - Waylon Jennings / Lenny Kaye
"Country music fans will relish Jennings' autobiography, which explores his early childhood, break with traditional country music, success in the field, and his eventual addictions. The result is a revealing account of Waylon Jennings' influences, heritage, and lasting contributions to the field of country music." -- Midwest Book Review
Waylon Jennings forteller historien om sitt liv. Den fattige oppveksten i den lille byen Littlefield i Vest-Texas. Fra radio DJ i Lubbock og Buddy Hollys bassist til Nashville-opprører og Outlaw-stjerne.

Boken beskriver tre havarerte ekteskap, narkomisbruk, tiden som svirebror med Johnny Cash, George Jones og Willie Nelson, og om hvordan han blandet rock og country.

Waylon er ført i penn på en utmerket måte av Lenny Kaye (Patti Smiths gitarist) som gir leseren et rått og ufiltrert blikk på livet hans. Spesielt gripende er passasjene knyttet til Waylons første år i Nashville og hans kamp mot etablissementet på 70-tallet.

The storyteller's Nashville : a gritty & glorious life in country music av Tom T. Hall
"Tom T. Hall's work has had a huge influence on me. He's a master of deceptive simplicity, and a true scholar and purveyor of how songs should be written: with honesty, wit, and compassion. The American songbook would be greatly lacking without his contributions." -- Jason Isbell

Without Getting Killed or Caught, av Tamara Saviano
«I can see every picture and every character Guy wrote about in his songs»-Vince Gill
Singer-songwriteren Guy Clark har skapt uforglemmelige portretter av mennesker, steder og opplevelser som har formet ham. Sanger som "Desperadoes Waiting for a Train", "The Randall Knife", "She Ain't Goin' Nowhere" og "Texas, 1947", er allerede klassikere. Johnny Cash, Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Jeff Walker og en rekke andre store artister har spilt inn Guy Clark sine låter.
Forfatteren Saviano vever inn de ekstraordinære sangene inn i hans biografi når hun forteller historiene om Clark og 70-tallets låtskriverscene og hans vennskap med Townes van Zandt. En riktig fin bok om en legendarisk poet og trubadur fra Texas.

I'll be Here in the Morning : the Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt av Brian T. Atkinson
“Townes Van Zandt got about as deep as you can get. He was an amazing songwriter, so sharp and sophisticated. He could say really hard things in a very simple way that makes you feel connected to him. That’s why there are a lot of comparisons to my grandfather.”--Hank Williams III

Comin' right at ya : how a Jewish Yankee hippie went country, or, the often outrageous history of Asleep at the Wheel
Ray Benson and Davis Menconi

“Full of humor and humility . . . Since Benson started Asleep at the Wheel as a working-class country band, it’s one helluva ride worth telling.” —The Austin Chronicle

Chinaberry sidewalks av Rodney Crowell
"Personal and profound, an epic remembrance of his parents' honky-tonk romance, delivered with the same hallmarks of Crowell's best songwriting: expert pacing, gritty detail, and humor by the bottle." --Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle

Watermelon wine. The spirit of country music av Frye Gaillard
"A solid, hands-on assessment of one of America's most enduring traditions, once considered vulgar and crude but lately earning a respectable place in people's hearts for its raw emotion and vitality."-- Midwest Book Review

Lost highway : journeys & arrivals of american musicians av Peter Guralnick
This masterful exploration of American roots music--country, rockabilly, and the blues--spotlights the artists who created a distinctly American sound, including Ernest Tubb, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Elvis Presley, Merle Haggard, and Sleepy LaBeef.

Willie Nelson: An Epic Life av Joe Nick Patoski
"This impressive, entertaining chronicle of Willie Nelson's life is replete with exactly what you'd expect-honky-tonk, long nights on the open road, whiskey, womanizing and weed-but Texas writer Patoski (Stevie Ray Vaughan: Caught in the Crossfire, Texas Mountains) looks beyond country music trappings to find the funny, talented, determined man who became an unlikely icon. ... Patoski conducted over a hundred interviews for this thorough, well-noted "epic," peopling it with "pickers, gypsies, pirates, vagabonds, wanderers and carneys," including fellow performers like Kris Kristofferson, Kinky Friedman and Leona Williams. Writing with an affectionate country twang, Patoski gives his subject the consideration he deserves in a fine, fluid piece of storytelling that any Nelson fan will appreciate." (Publisher's Weekly )

The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock av Jan Reid
"Jan Reid's fascinating account of the rise of the "Outlaw Country" scene of the 1970's will more than hold the interest of folks who were into the Austin scene of the time, as well as those who have only recently discovered some of the singer-songwriters from that period via covers of their work by Lyle Lovett and other artists." H. Johnson

Dissonant identities : the Rock'n'roll scene in Austin, Texas av Barry Shank
"A fascinating analysis of the music scene in Austin. Captures some of the essence and truths about the Austin scene, especially within the punk and new wave movement of the early Eighties . . . fascinating."―Austin Chronicle
Kanskje ikke så mye country, men allikevel om Austin som en by for rebeller.

Outlaws & armadillos : country's roaring '70s redigert av Jay Orr
Denne boken ble laget til Country Music Hall of Fame and Museums utstilling Outlaws & Armadillos: Country’s Roaring ‘70s. Mange fantastiske konsertplakater og bilder av artistene som definerte outlaw-bevegelsen.

Texas tornado : the times & music of Doug Sahm av Jan Reid og Shawn Sahm
"Doug was like me, maybe the only figure from that period of time that I connected with. His was a big soul. He had a hit record, ‘She’s About a Mover,’ and I had a hit record [‘Like a Rolling Stone’] at the same time. So we became buddies back then, and we played the same kind of music. We never really broke apart. We always hooked up at certain intervals in our lives. . . . I’d never met anyone who’d played on stage with Hank Williams before, let alone someone my own age. Doug had a heavy frequency, and it was in his nerves. . . . I miss Doug. He got caught in the grind. He should still be here." (Bob Dylan)

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